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    Help us raise funds for MCGS student awards and interns!

    In 2019 MCGS was able to establish the Change the World Award, and give four awards to MCGS students working in the fields of criminal, economic, and social justice over the past two years.

    We have also been able to hire student office staff interns and public relations interns to spread the good word of the work we do.

    Grace Christie, one such student remarked: "working at MCGS as a Student Assistant has given me the experience I need to achieve my ambitions and receive the financial support I need, all while making an impact in the fight for social justice on campus. Through this job, I have found a fulfilling role on campus and a supportive community of faculty, staff, and students all committed to advocating for diversity, equity, and inclusion."

    Fundraising Milestones: 

    • $5 buys a coffee for a late-night study session
    • $10 buys a notebook
    • $15 covers one student’s portion of the Wi-Fi bill (with roommates)
    • $20 pays for a month’s use of PG&E
    • $30 buys groceries for a week
    • $50 home supplies for a month (cleaning supplies, feminine hygiene products, etc.)
    • $70 buys a professional outfit for an interview and employment
    • $100 buys a textbook for a semester
    • $250 buys a budget laptop (Chromebook, ASUS, Dell, etc.)
    • $400 covers average monthly rent in Chico
    • $500 covers all living expenses for a month

    About us: 

    The Department of Multicultural and Gender Studies is the academic face of diversity and inclusion at Chico State, striving to embody, inculcate, promote, and celebrate the values of multicultural respect, awareness, and understanding as fundamental to the socially and environmentally responsible democratic citizen. 

    2020 was a challenging year for all students economically, but also educationally, being distanced from their teachers and mentors. But 2020 also brought good news for the department. The adoption of a new law in California now requires all students who graduate from the California State University system to take an ethnic studies class for graduation. We anticipate the interest and need to support more student interns in the department than ever before. The confluence of these two major events has shaped this year’s goal.

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