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Chico State's Safe Place is committed toward creating awareness around interpersonal violence through prevention and intervention, offering services to the campus's faculty, staff, management, and students. Research tell us that 1 in 5 of women experience rape or sexual assault while in college. We aim to promote a safer campus and culture through events that involve and inform the community, such as The Clothesline Project, the Unity Project, film screening, and outreach materials. Safe Place asks for your help by donating this upcoming Giving Day to reach our goal of $5,000, allowing us to continue serving our community.


The two projects we are aiming to bring to Chico State in the upcoming year are the Clothesline Project and the Unity Project. The Clothesline Project brings awareness to survivors of trauma by allowing them a platform to write, decorate, and create their own narrative of their healing. Each colored shirt represents a type of violence committed, ranging from domestic violence to sexual assault. The shirts are decorated and anonymously displayed on campus in order to provide a moving visual to how domestic and sexual violence touches the lives of those in our campus community. The Unity Project aims to bring the community and campus together by bridging our differences to see how we all intertwine to make Chico State unique and connected, done through a visual representation of weaving yarn between 32 poles to create a web of solidarity.

Every Dollar Counts

$25 will allow us to purchase needed clothespins or clothesline rope.

$50 would allow us to purchase a fence post driver and crafting materials for both projects.

$150 would allow us to purchase all posts needed for the Unity project.

Each of these supplies allows us a platform to talk with students, faculty, and staff about our role in prevention violence on our campus.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services does Safe Place offer?

Safe Place offers services to faculty, staff, and students. These services include crisis support, accompaniment, advocacy, accommodations, resources and referrals, consultation, and information and education for victims and survivors of sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and stalking.

Where is Safe Place located?

Safe Place is located at 633 Brice Avenue Chico, CA 95929, near the stadium parking lot or off of Warner.

Why should I support this cause?

Safe Place is just one part of the puzzle towards ending forms of violence in our society. We aim to move Chico State forward in solidarity for victims and survivors and creating a community that

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