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Don't Let Students Go to Class Hungry!

Thousands of students come to the Student Learning Center for tutoring, Supplemental Instruction (SI) and study skills workshops. Sessions occur immediately before class, right after class or between classes and work, and it might be hours before students have a chance to eat anything. Forty-six percent of students reported in a recent Chico State survey that they “suffered from low to very low food security.” The SLC Smart Snacks Program will address student food insecurity, reduce time between meals and promote healthy eating. Students can grab snacks as they join a tutoring or SI session or as they’re on their way to class after a session. Without hunger on their mind, they can focus on learning. The funds raised by this project will be used to purchase healthy snacks such as peanut butter, protein bars, fresh fruit, nuts, trail mix, and cheese sticks for students who visit SLC tutoring or Supplemental Instruction.

$20 provides snacks for 40 students.

$50 provides snacks for 100 students.

$100 provides snacks for 200 students.

$200 provides snacks for 400 students.

All Gifts Matched to $1000.

Thanks to Christine Connerly, Jay Fuller, and Erin Forberg for matching the first $1000 of gifts to this important fund. Every dollar given will be matched one for one.


1. Why is this program needed?

Many students can go from class to work to tutoring back to class with no breaks in between to eat. It is hard to fill your mind on an empty stomach. The Student Learning Center (SLC) wishes to provide a consistent source of nutritious snacks for students who otherwise may not be able to eat during their time on campus.

2. How many students are served by the SLC each year?

More than 4000

3. What kinds of snacks will be provided?

High protein, healthy choice snacks such as protein bars, apples and peanut butter, cheese sticks, trail mix, etc.

4. Do you have other sources of funding available to you?

No, funding is completely donation driven. All university funding provided for the SLC goes to pay our tutors and Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leaders.

5. What if I can’t donate money? Can I donate food instead?

Please make a donation to the Hungry Wildcat Food Pantry in our name.

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