Bringing excellence and equity to Black women’s gynecologic healthcare

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Endometrial cancer is the most common gynecologic cancer in the US – yet it receives less public attention and fewer research dollars than many other types of cancer. Endometrial cancer also has one of the widest racial health disparities of any kind of cancer. African-American women with endometrial cancer in the U.S. are more likely to die from the cancer — by a large margin — than any other group. Join us and our partners - Black women health educators, advocates, and leaders in Seattle and across the country - so that all women diagnosed with endometrial cancer have the best chance of a cure.

Dr. Kemi Doll

When endometrial cancer is diagnosed early, it is often cured with surgery, and sometimes additional chemotherapy or radiation. However, African-American women, across every educational and income level, have a much lower chance of being diagnosed at this crucial early stage – resulting in thousands of preventable deaths every year. Support Dr. Kemi Doll and her community partners as they investigate complex solutions to a complex problem: reducing endometrial cancer deaths among Black women.

Your donation will support an inclusive and comprehensive approach to addressing racial equity in endometrial cancer care through:

  • Community partnership: working with existing organizations and leaders in both local and national settings to build community knowledge and empower women to advise research efforts.
  • Patient education: harnessing patient voices to create educational materials that can aid in early detection of endometrial cancer.
  • Provider training: support the design of a targeted training for women’s healthcare providers that addresses common myths and implicit bias.
  • Health services research: investigate how women move through the healthcare system as they are diagnosed so that delays in care and diagnosis can be pinpointed and addressed.
Please join us today and support this vital work aimed at bringing excellence and equity to gynecologic healthcare. Thank you for your consideration.

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