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Life is full of experiences and I try my best to not let my fears get in the way of opportunities. 

Truth: I'm terrified of heights

Help me face a fear, and help a wonderful Nashua charity at the same time. 

My Why; The Court Diversion Program

From above Blog post

"I grew up in Lexington, MA, I can't name names as the details have been forgotten in time, but I can tell you bored rich kids get in trouble. They make as many bad decisions as any other kid, sometimes more. They will have to cross a serious line, before they even have to do more than apologize to the police officer at the scene. The police know that arresting those kids would only cost the town, and county money, when the city fails to prosecute against a high priced legal team.

The Youth Council program allows children without family money to avoid LONG TERM consequences of a bad decision made with the inexperience of youth. The kids don't get away with with their crime, they still have various tasks to complete as part of the program. They get a chance to learn from their mistake, and to become better members of society. Not every youth can sign up, juvenile officers from the Nashua, Hollis, Merrimack, Hudson, and Litchfield police departments forward arrest records to the program. Where the program processes the records for the best candidates."

Between 5/14 and 6/1, I will climb one floor on a stair master for every dollar donated.  Donate $50 and I'll climb 50 floors.  Donate $100 and I'll climb 100 floors(might take me 2 climbing sessions)

Floors Donated: 408

Floors Completed: 144


A bit about The Youth Council

No matter how hard parents work to raise successful children, some kids struggle with making good decisions by experimenting with alcohol or drugs or testing limits that can lead to an arrest or school suspension. The Youth Council is proud to fill a critical niche for young people at the intersection of law enforcement, education, substance misuse and mental health symptoms. A trusted partner for many local entities, we believe that early intervention is critical to get teens back on track and reduce future problems.


About Over the Edge

Would you rappel 24 stories because you believe in a cause? This summer, over 20 local non-profits are joining forces to go OVER THE EDGE in support of our community! In June we will be rappelling down the 300 foot tall Brady-Sullivan Tower at 1000 Elm Street in Manchester. We are taking up this challenge because we believe in the strength of teamwork. We are committed to improving our community! Our supporters include friends, family, colleagues… even random strangers simply wanting to support our cause.

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