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No matter how hard parents work to raise successful children, there will always be struggles. Some may not always make the best decisions and may even experiment with alcohol, drugs, or the testing of limits that can lead to an arrest or school suspension. The Youth Council works with youth and families through our Court Diversion, School Suspension Center, Counseling, and Prevention Education Programs. Throughout greater Nashua, together we can help to build the skills necessary to raise children and teens that make positive and healthy choices.

We do this work for teens like Russell*, A 16-year-old boy was arrested for simple assault against a family member. While doing a comprehensive, evidence-based assessment, an intake worker discovered that his Mom has just recently passed away and that his girlfriend was 4 months pregnant.  Russell had to move back with his Dad and Aunt when his Mom passed away and he was struggling to get along with them. The intake worker was able to stress to him the importance of learning ways to control his anger and be involved in structured activities or part-time employment. He was referred to parenting classes and resources and was assigned consequences which included creating a monthly budget that considered the cost of caring for the baby and providing documentation to show his involvement in structured activities such as searching for a job. He was able to come back and talk with us about how it was hard for him to deal with his anger, but he has found that drawing or going for a walk helps him calm down and think through what is bothering him. By the time he completed Court Diversion four months later, Russell had started parenting classes, was interviewing for jobs, and enrolled in counseling to help make sure he stays on a good path.

This year we have a four member team repelling to raise $12,000 in matching fundraising dollars which brings in an additional $75,000 in grant funding to run our Court Diversion program to support over 200 youth and families annually. Court Diversion takes referrals from local police for 12-17 year old first time offenders and holds them accountable while providing the support needed so they make better choices in the future. 82% of youth participants were still free from arrest 3 years after program completion, compared to 59% of youth who go through traditional court.

Your support helps youth and their families when growing up gets tough!

*Name changed to protect client confidentiality

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