Students Support The Alexandra Billings Scholarship! 

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$100,000 Goal

I am humbled and honored that the USC School of Dramatic Arts is establishing the Alexandra Billings Scholarship. It is intended to build a safe laboratory for courageous young artists to find their voice and regain their power. This scholarship sends a clear message not only to the entire campus that the LGBT community is here and that we matter, but it also reaches out to young Americans searching for artistic expansion and the beauty and chaos of the human condition.  Your monetary addition is proof of what we have always known in our community: That allies are one of our greatest weapons against hatred. Help us be heard. Time is precious.

To launch the scholarship, the School must raise $100,000. We humbly ask for your consideration in donating to the scholarship. With your gift of $25, we can raise the necessary funds to award a scholarship in Alexandra Billings’ name in perpetuity.

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