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    What kind of world do you want?

    Fr. Bill would say that our world should be a place where all young people have an opportunity to succeed in their chosen profession, have a respect for the human dignity of all persons, and a desire to give back so others can thrive.

    Father’s journey was about ensuring that as many young people as possible could have an opportunity to be formed into educated, ethical, well-rounded human beings.  This desire resulted in an unabashed attempt to advocate for the students of Notre Dame… his students.

    Many of our young people come from families with parents who never graduated from college and are earning far less than their college educated counterparts. The cost of our tuition - $15,750 for the current year - is prohibitive for 70% of our families without assistance. Financial aid provides a critical lifeline to fill the gap between their financial means to pay tuition for their children and our cost to attend. Following Fr. Bill’s long-standing objective, our budget continues to be built ensuring that every dollar possible gets directed toward tuition assistance. Much of the aid – this year totaling $1.6 million and counting – goes unfunded. 

    Our students recognize that with a Notre Dame education comes privilege and responsibility. Therefore, our graduates leave ready to explore college with a sound voice and eager to make a difference in the world as:

    • business professionals who can lead with compassion and a commitment to their communities.
    • nurses, therapists, and social workers who care for the sick, vulnerable children and elderly adults.
    • engineers and teachers who shape the minds and craft the growth of our neighborhoods for the future.

    Given the current situation of our world, we are facing a significant uptick in requests for financial aid.  Many families are appealing their initial financial aid awards praying that the school can offer additional help so that their children will not have to transfer schools amidst all the other uncertainties and anxieties that we are all currently experiencing. 

    Today, I ask you to please join me in changing the world … one student at a time just as Fr. Bill would have wanted!  Every dollar you give – no matter how much you donate – will be directed toward tuition assistance and help to ensure that Notre Dame can continue to challenge its students to innovate, reflect and ethically change the world for the better.

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