The Goat Games 2021 have ended and we had such a blast! Heartfelt gratitude to all the athletes who hoofed and mooo-ved it, and to all the generous folks who donated in support of this life saving work. See you in 2022!

Little Bear Sanctuary

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$20,000 Goal

Team Little Bear!

Help Team Little Bear take home the gold as an athletic competitor and raise money OR you can carry the torch as a donor. No matter which way YOU "play," the animals know you're a winner! Be sure to spread the word to your friends and family so they can get in on the fun!

We picked this handsome boy as our Goat Games 2021 mascot because he is the leader of his goat family. Even though he’s the smallest of the goats (pygmy), Shrek definitely has the largest personality. If you’ve had the chance to meet him, you know he’s the first to greet any visitors and he demands attention! Attention being endless rubs and kisses. LOL

We're grateful to our supporters and volunteers who selflessly help Little Bear Sanctuary every day. Your efforts have helped us become a rescue powerhouse. Let’s keep that going with this amazing opportunity!

If you can run, walk, jog, or swim you can join us for the fun either with friends, family, or on your own in your backyard or take to the streets - this is fun way to get outside and have fun while helping raise money for this important fundraiser.

Please join us on this weeklong adventure to help Shrek and his entire sanctuary family be safer during the storm months of the summer and help us BRING HOME THE GOLD!

Little Bear Sanctuary's commitment to saving animals in need is apparent in every facet of what we do. Harnessing life experiences, creativity, and desire to provide a better world for farm animals, we live each day caring for hundreds of previously abused or slaughter-bound animals.

To date, Little Bear Sanctuary has rescued over 170 farm animals, each one facing an incredibly bleak future if we hadn’t intervened. While a lot has changed over the past few years, Little Bear Sanctuary's mission has remained unwavering: to provide a permanent home for abandoned or disregarded farm animals. The sanctuary is open to all animals in need, affording farm animals an opportunity to live out their lives in peace.

As Little Bear Sanctuary continues to grow, it's imperative that we further develop and expand the property, community outreach avenues, and animal grounds to handle the intake. The funds raised with this fundraiser will be used specifically to build a hurricane resistant barn structure. Plans include a pole barn surrounded by industrial metal shipping containers. This give us both a large main interior space with the ability to use the exterior containers as "mini barns" for our 115 pigs and smaller animals. Similar to this photo:

(Picture used for reference only)

Little Bear Sanctuary's team strive daily to provide a cruelty-free environment and safe community haven for animals in need and receiving financial help to further the development of the sanctuary is essential. Your support allows us to continue creating a better world for farm animals.

Love and gratitude from all of us at Little Bear Sanctuary.

Don't forget to download and print our team bib here -- wear it proudly as you walk, hike, bike, run, swim, etc. and take lots of photos/video to post on social media! #thegoatgames2021

Join us live!

Sunday, August 15 - Opening Ceremonies and Vegan Brunch 11am - 3PM
Saturday, August 21 - Closing Ceremonies and Heroes Event (not all heroes wear capes) 6PM to 10PM

The Apothecary, Millennial Brewing and Flying Eagle Kombucha
1811 Royal Palm Avenue
Fort Myers, FL 33901

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