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    Tufted puffins in Oregon present an important question - is diet during breeding, nesting and fledgling season related to population declines?

    This project study will enhance our understanding of the declining population of tufted puffins on the Oregon coast through a multi-pronged non-invasive approach. This study is designed to lay the foundation for filling a vital data gap for this Oregon Conservation Strategy species, while simultaneously developing a community science initiative that can provide conservation scientists with more information about other coastal birds and what they're eating.

    This campaign hopes to activate Oregon birders and photographers to unite in an effort to document what tufted puffins are doing, where they are living and most importantly what they are eating along the Oregon coast. The success of this campaign will provide a foundation for coastwide data collection on tufted puffins, and other coastal Oregon birds that eat fish, by engaging widespread collaboration among coastal nonprofits, research entities, and individuals.

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