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Cotoya Williams was a shy young woman. Hesitant to talk to people, many mistakenly thought she was standoffish at first. However, like many introverts, there were walls that needed time to come down. Once Cotoya warmed up enough so that people were able to get to know her, they instantly became friends.

“No matter what happened, or how I was feeling, she could always make me laugh,” Roshett Williams, Cotoya’s sister, said.

Roshett thought of Cotoya as a best friend with whom she could spend a lot of time talking and laughing about almost anything. Although quiet by nature, Cotoya loved music, dancing and life and didn’t waste a moment of it. Roshett said Cotoya was a good person who was not afraid to speak up in defense of others.

Roshett said Cotoya centered her life around her three children. She adored them, and everything she did was for them. Being around them was a source of happiness for her.

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