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    In this difficult time, we ask that you remember MLFA and support it to the best of your ability.

    Not just for what it will do today, but to ensure that when COVID-19 ends, that there are still voices fighting to end constitutional deprivations based on guilt-by-association.

    In the coming weeks, we will be continuing to work for your rights, and the rights of those in the community as a whole.

    While the courts have postponed in-person hearings, we continue to have deadlines for briefings, appeals, and other important steps to preserve the rights of CLCMA clients and others.

    So, while we continue to fight the COVID-19 virus, we will also continue to fight for civil rights.

    Be assured that while we all isolate ourselves as needed physically, our work continues unabated.

    Because civil rights remain open. And our fight continues. 


    For over 18 years, MLFA has equipped the American Muslim community with the knowledge and resources to successfully navigate the increasingly complicated legal challenges facing Muslims in America - especially considering the ongoing anti-Muslim climate.

    MLFA secures the highest quality legal representation for individuals and organizations facing national security infringements to constitutionally protected civil liberties in immigration, civil and criminal matters.

    MLFA funds a unique law firm that houses a dedicated staff of distinguished senior-level attorneys, staff attorneys, research fellows, paralegals, and 3rd year law interns who work full-time on behalf of American Muslims.


    Upholding the rights of American Muslims today safeguards the rights of all future generations tomorrow. We must stand up against government-sanctioned discrimination by pooling our collective resources to make the greatest positive impact on the state of justice for Muslims in America. Every person can make a difference.

    American Muslims continue to face systemic injustices by governmental infringements to their constitutionally-protected civil rights and liberties. Standing up to injustice today will protect our families and institutions for a brighter future, tomorrow.


    • VICTORY for Hamid Hayat: Conviction overturned after unjustly serving 14 years behind bars for a crime he did not commit!
    • VICTORY for Noor Salman: Acquitted in “guilt by association” prosecution for the crimes of her abusive husband!
    • VICTORY for Dr. Main Al Qudah: Granted lawful residence after decades-long unwarranted immigration delay!
    • VICTORY for Captain James “Yusuf” Yee: Cleared of wrongful accusations simply on the basis of his faith!
    • VICTORY for Carl Kennemer: Taken off No Fly List after being separated from family and denied due process!






    An America in which constitutional rights and liberties are upheld equally for all, regardless of ethnicity, religion, or cultural heritage. 



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