PMI-Los Angeles Water Circle

Just $30 gives one person safe water for a lifetime! How many lives will you save today on behalf of  the PMI-Los Angeles Chapter?

The women and girls of Niger spend all day - every day - walking miles to get water for their families. Girls are not allowed to go to school because of this necessary chore. And this water they work so hard to get -- it's contaminated and causes disease and even death. 1 in 7 children there die of water related diseases.

Ida Harding, former Trustee for PMI-LA, has worked with this cause since it's beginning in 2008. She has traveled to Niger three times to interview/film women there about this cause. She has seen first hand how the bad water affects the lives there. And how a well drilled deep into the water table, and inside a village, changes lives immediately and forever.


$190 Raised

$6,100 Goal